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Eco Development

Support from neighbouring communities is crucial for protection and long-term survival of any protected area. Although there are no human settlements in the main park but 19 villages are situated inside the buffer zone reserve forest areas of Corbett. An additional two hundred villages are situated all around the reserve. These villages depend on the forest resources for fuel-wood, fodder and non-timber forest produce. Also, nomadic Gujjar tribals visit Corbett and use the pastures for grazing large herds of buffaloes.

Ecodevelopment, Jim Corbett National Park In such circumstances it is impossible to avoid human-animal conflicts. A settlement of gujjar tribalsThe forest department has initiated an Ecodevelopment Programme to involve villagers in conflict reduction and biodiversity conservation. Ecodevelopment committees consisting of representatives of both villagers and the forest department are being encouraged to enable communities to plan and implement programmes for resource conservation and generate livelihood. In the unfortunate case a human casualty caused by wild animals ex-gratia relief is given to the affected villagers. Also, adequate compensation is provided for livestock kills and crop damage by wild elephants.