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  • LOCATION: Corbett Landscape
  • DURATION: 02 Hours
  • AVAILABLE SEATS: 4 Adults on one elephant
  • PRICE: INR 3500

Elephant safari provides you a pleasent and peacful ride on a elephant and a closure view of Jungle during elephant safari.

Elephant Safari in Corbett

The safari is a great combination of various ways to observe wildlife and the main attraction being riding the Pachyderm for an extended period of time. Elephant Safari in Corbett, takes you through deep valleys, dense forests and craggy trails without disturbance. The Elephant is the royal mode of transport. The height of the gigantic beast help to viewing the wildlife species very clearly. The gorgeous picturesque, natural beauty, cool and calm atmosphere, fresh and fragrant air add a majestic excitement in the Elephant Safari Tour. Besides traveling on the elephant, the tour plan includes various activities including game drives into the National Park, hikes for bird-watching, visits to local villages in the area, learning to ride the elephant, elephant baths.

The wildlife observed on the trip varies as we pass through the different terrains. Some mammal species that can be sighted are the Asian Elephant, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Sambar, Ghoral (Mountain goat), Rhesus & Langur Monkey, Wild Boar, Jackal, Civets, Porcupine, etc. The rare ones include the Bengal Tiger, Leopard and a variety of lesser cats, Hog Deer and Sloth Bear. The Mugger or the fresh water Crocodile, Gharial, Otters, Turtles and a variety of fish (Mahseer, Goonch etc.) are seen in and around the Ramganga River. Reptile species include Monitor Lizard, King Cobra, Rock Python, etc. Corbett is also a bird watchers paradise and has a bird count of over 600 bird species.

Visitor Season
Round The Year

Prohibitions During Elephant Safari In Corbett National Park

Alcohol and non-vegetarian food not allowed. All your personal and non-biodegradable remains like tin cans, plastic, glass bottles, metal foils etc. should be put into a carry bag and you should dispose it off after you finish the tour. This is to keep the National Park and animals' safe.


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Dhikuli Villlage

Corbett Landscape Zone


2 Hours safari for 4 adults, Inclusiv all taxes.